Month: July, 2009

Creating A 30×30" Gallery Figurative Oil Painting "Lady Bug" Finish

“Lady Bug”  30×30″ oil on linen If you visit the previous post, you can see how we got here.  I detailed the edge of her skirt, touched her hands, and painted her blouse and the lower right foliage again. One of the things that strikes me positively ….Read More–>

Commission Portrait Oil Painting – The Finish

Closing in on the finish, I have added another layer on almost everything. I out a rim of light on her hand on hip and arm. It’s subtle but you can see it. I certainly lightened some shadows, added some highlights, and put a finishing touch on ….Read More–>

Fund Raiser for Legendary DC area Guitarist Dave Chappell

To help Dave Chappell raise money for recent hospital bills, the below listed musicians performed at the Surf Club in Hyattsville, MD on July 16, 2009. I had the pleasure of lending a hand by photographing the event. As time becomes available in between my portrait oil ….Read More–>

Commission Portrait Oil Painting – Finishing Hands and Details

Another layer on the face…. I decided to increase the light coming in from the left side. This caused the lips to appear to dark …… so I had to repaint the lips a lighter value. This sometimes can get frustrating but it’s part of the push ….Read More–>

Commission Portrait Oil Painting – Creating Texture

Below is what the work looks like after some  another long focused session. Painterly brush strokes, bold colors and texture were  added to the dress.  I also worked on many other areas of the painting as well. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ By the way, below is a PHOTOGRAPH of the ….Read More–>

Commission Portrait Oil Painting – Stages Of The face

It’s always easy to spot the flaws in realistic work, and an artist could spend a lifetime on one painting and never get it perfect (whatever perfect is!)  So when encouragement  is needed, we can always look back and see how far we have come.  Just for ….Read More–>

Commission Portrait Oil Painting – Softening Edges & Refining Values

The previous face is a little stern looking compared to the next layer below. I had to get here before I could take it to the next level though. If you compare the above hand on the dress to the below hand, you will see it really ….Read More–>

Commission Portrait Oil Painting – Creating A Likeness

As I continued to adjust the paint in her face, I am starting to see the correct likeness of Adriana looking back at me. Relief!  I lay some more umber and brown in the shadows of her hair to get the darker values on the bottom that ….Read More–>